Without the help of strangers, we would never have made it around the world. And because it's often difficult or impossible to return the favour to those who helped us, it seems logical to help those who need help. What comes around, goes around.

Among many, two events stand out in particular. We will never forget the time when we spent Christmas with the kids of a Nepali orphanage. And similarly captivating we found the encounter with a school for socially disadvantaged kids in Guatemala. We are still in touch with all of them. From our first-hand experience, we can confirm that every penny goes to those who need it. If you feel like donating, please see below. Thank you.

CYF - Children and Youth First

Orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal

By serendipity I came across the CYF orphanage in Kathmandu, Nepal. I spent a few days helping out and I fell in love with the kids. This short clip shows what the Open-Explorers fans could do for the kids Christmas 2009

Loving "mother" of 82 orphans

Haushala Zimba


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Haushala on a TED talk

IHF - Integral Heart Foundation

School for socially disadvantaged kids in Antigua, Guatemala

In Antigua, Guatemala we were asked to speak about our journey at a school for socially disadvantaged kids. We immediately connected with the kids and handed out three small action video cameras so they could give us a window into their daily live. Because of that, this encounter will be a significant scene in our upcoming feature-length documentary.