Composed and produced by Sascha Knorr


These songs and music-tracks were specifically created for the film “Somewhere Else Together”. They don't just try to support the meaning of the images, but their main endeavour is to convey the emotional journey of protagonists. (Sascha Knorr)

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10 Volcano Hike

11 Peru

12 Floating Islands

13 Tunupa Grotto

14 Salar de Uyuni

15 Lagoon Route

16 Farewell

17 Africa

01 Holding My Breath*

02 Somewhere Else Together

03 The Adventure Begins

04 Mining Operation

05 Children of Antigua

06 Stahlratte

07 Venezuelan Border

08 Columbian City

09 Ingo Leaving


18 Sani Mountain Pass

19 Children Of The Mountains

20 Namibia

21 Central Africa

22 Cannot Take It Anymore

23 Earth

24 The Long Road Home

25 No Bags To Pack**

* written and performed by Larissa Ruppert
** written and performed by Peter Hemsing

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